Tahquamenon Falls

The week after Pictured Rocks, my brother came to visit from Oregon and we went on another adventure to the UP, this time to Tahquamenon Falls. The first fall color was just starting to show in the leaves and I took advantage of it with the Argus C3 and Ektar 100 film, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite films to use.


Pictured Rocks

At the end of September, my roommate and I decided it was time to go off the island for an adventure to the UP. We drove up to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and set up our tent along Twelve Mile Beach as a storm rolled in. The next day gave us much nicer weather as we explored the park. Most of these photos were taken with my Canon using Kodak 400, but a couple are with the Argus C3 with Ektar 100 film.

Autumn in Black and White

After Labor Day, the tourism on the island slows down pretty drastically, giving us workers a chance to get some rest, take a breath, and enjoy what’s left of the season. For me, it was a chance to get outside and use all those rolls of film in my freezer. Most of these were taken with my Canon AE-1, but a couple are with the Argus C3.

August – The Hasselblad

Over the summer a friend of mine let me borrow his Hasselblad camera. Unfortunately I worked 3 jobs so I only got to run one roll of film through it, but using the camera was spectacular. For those of you not familiar with Hasselblad cameras, they’re like the god of all cameras. I had used a couple medium format cameras during school last year and I liked the format, and this only added fuel to the fire. It’s what drove me at the end of the season to go down to my local camera shop and snatch up an old Mamiyaflex of my own.

But back to the Hasselblad. Having used an old Canon with a wonky light meter and questionable focus for so long, I wasn’t expecting the clarity and tonal range that the Hasselblad gave me but it was definitely a breath of fresh air.

July – The Yacht Races

July on Mackinac typically revolves around 2 big events, the yacht races from Port Huron and Chicago. At this time, the harbor is stuffed full of yachts and makes for some interesting photography. I unfortunately had to work when the boats first arrived on the horizon under the Mackinac Bridge but since my apartment looked out over one of the spots where the yachts docked I was able to still get some good shots. Like I mentioned before, my Canon AE-1 has a bit of a light meter problem so it kept way overexposing the images. Unfortunately, I hadn’t figured out how to fix that yet so some of the boat images turned a bit grainy once I scanned them in and corrected the overexposure.

Other than the races, life on Mackinac continues in much the same way, with lots of biking, hiking and lounging on the beach watching a horse and her rider go for a swim in the lake.

June (In Color)

Along with a new location I also inherited a new camera, my grandfather’s Argus C3, and old rangefinder box camera from the 40’s. My mom had taken it to a shop years ago and they had told her it didn’t work anymore, but I decided to run some film though it to find out for myself. The trickiest thing about the camera was the manual wind. As you can see in some of the photos, I didn’t quite wind far enough (and in some cases forgot altogether), and some parts of the film got double exposed.

All in all, the camera seems to work great I love the way the photos turned out!




Over the past summer I lived on Mackinac Island between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. Not having access to my school’s darkroom anymore didn’t stop me from continuing to shoot with film. I bought my own chemicals to mix and a scanner, eliminating my need for an enlarger. Thankfully, my bathroom had no windows and was easily blacked out so I could load my film in complete darkness. I got the Massive Dev app on my phone (which I would highly recommend to anyone developing their own film) allowing me to track developer, stop, and fix times according to what film I was using.┬áThe only tricky part was that I didn’t have a thermometer, so I had to guess on temperature but it didn’t affect the final product too much.

I also made the amazing discovery that the external flash I use on my DSLR works on my film camera as they’re both Canon, so I got to play around with that with some night shots.